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Ычан — Vocaloid
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Ей там не будет одиноко?

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>Update: Total signatures have broke 10,300 as at December 23rd 01:30 hours Japan Standard Time. Well done everyone! Cheers! ^__^

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Она улетела 20 мая. Пикрелейтед - одно из изображений Мику с подписями поклонников.

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Due to the low communication speed through low-gain antenna, it took a while to determine the state of probe. JAXA stated on December 8, that the probe's orbital insertion maneuver has failed. At a press conference on 10 December, officials reported that Akatsuki's engines fired for less than 3 minutes far short of what was required to enter into Venus orbit




>>1990 Ничего, через шесть лет они снова попробуют, а пока спутник будет вращаться вокруг Солнца.

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Тогда ладно, хер с ней, с Венерой.


Also, it is unclear if the spacecraft will survive on its transfer orbit, with some perihelia as close as 0.6 AU from sun, without damage. Temperatures within the spacecraft may rise 30–40 degrees above values expected before launch, damaging batteries and sensitive electronics. By 14 April 2014 Akatsuki had been through six of the projected nine close solar approaches and was still functioning, despite exceeding the maximum design heating by 30%. The probe reached its current orbit's most distant point from Venus on 3 October 2013 and has been approaching the planet since


Круто. Держись, Химе-сама.




AKATSUKI to be re-injected into Venus orbit on Dec. 7

After failing to be injected into the Venus orbit in Dec. 2010, JAXA has been carefully considering another injection attempt opportunity for the Venus Climate Orbiter “AKATSUK” to the Venus orbit when the orbiter meets Venus in the winter of 2015. As a result of detailed study, JAXA decided to inject the AKATSUKI into the orbit on December 7 (Mon.), 2015.
After being injected into the orbit, the AKATSUKI will observe the atmosphere of Venus, which is often referred to as a twin sister of the Earth, through remote sensing. Its observations are expected to develop "Planetary Meteorology" further by elucidating the atmospheric circulation mechanism and studying the comparison with the Earth.


>Aug. 5, 2015 Updated
>AKATSUKI: Orbit successfully controlled


Ура японской космонавтике


>«Акацуки», так называется венерианский орбитальный зонд, успешно вышел на орбиту Венеры.


> хотелось бы дополнить историю, рассказав об аварии на изначальной миссии.


Прикиньте, он все еще там.